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® Trademark!

Once in awhile the light bulb goes off for me. Rarely there are 40 watt ideas but once in awhile a really bright 100 watt idea happens.

I once wrote to Black & Decker that they should make a kids sized hand vacuum with lights and a cool sound. I was a waitress once for one day and I think kids that make a mess in a restaurant should have to clean it up. The server hands them the vacuum with the check. Unfortunately Black & Decker said they already were exploring this idea. (ya sure)

I had this other idea that people that ride bikes should wear this vest that would illuminate LED turn signals or a stop light on the back, just like car signals. Guess what? You can buy one at Amazon.

Leaf tarps or hand claws to scoop large piles of stuff (I used to have great dane dogs) also on Amazon. Tea bags with a longer string that can be wrapped around the mug handle. You get the picture I have ideas but not 100 watt winners.

I am/was so jealous, envious but also proud to know people that did get a patent. Well if you can't get a patent the next best thing is a trademark.

When I started card making for real as opposed to gifts or for my personal missives, I used Hug In An Envelope as my business name. It describes exactly what I want to express with my product. In February 2019, I filled out the paperwork for a Trademark and on August 13, 2019 I was issued a United States of American Trademark for Hug In An Envelope. So far I haven't gotten the patent but now I do have a Trademark.

Hug In An Envelope® is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

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