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Now What?

2018, I'm not sorry to see you go. Yes we had some good times, but like every year there were ups and downs. Up were vacations and time spent with family and friends. Down were missing people that moved beyond the bubble that is my life.

2018 had my front yard, sidewalk and porch re-imagined, trips to Wichita, Florida, Santa Fe, Tucson, South Carolina, and Georgia. Retirement is an on-going challenge but I am adjusting. I joined the Sterling Art Cooperative, started a blog and made a YouTube Video. It wasn't the worst year nor the best and all the matters is that it is done.

Hello 2019, you are just around the corner. It's time to take down the Christmas decorations so I can ring the New Year in right!

2019 what will you bring? I hope to make more memories with family and friends. Please let there be camping! I can't wait for the weather to warm up to paddle board with my sister. It will be AWESOME to be able to go out to the lake during the week day.

I tend to be a hermit, I am committing to visiting friends and family each month. Design and create more cards. My goals are to continue to blog and upload more videos. I am working on pop-up and exploding cards, as well as paper bowls. I want to be more active in the community (I am not sure how yet and please comment below with ideas). Plan a birthday trip since it will be the big 6-0 and hopefully all that want to celebrate with me will be able to attend.

Mostly I am thankful I made it through 2018, and so did you. Here is a hug in an envelope in appreciation for 2018.

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