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No Buy 2019!

My name is Jane and I am a shopaholic. I admitted it and I am ready for a program.

Let me tell you a little bit about today. I made a pot of coffee. The coffee pot works well but the place where the coffee pot rests is rusty and peeling. It is not a burner it is just where the pot sits. I bought the pot on 11/21/2012. Does it still work? Yes. Does the unsightly resting spot affect the coffee? No.

I washed my dog’s daybed. It’s a daybed because she sleeps with me at night. I bought the bed on 4/21/2018. It’s not worn out but it is a Sherpa material and after washing some leaves and mulch were still stuck in the material. My thought while I was vacuuming and picking the leaves off is…I could buy a new one. Is it worn out? No. Is it clean? Yes. Does it still have them same amount of cushion as when I bought it? Yes. Does my dog love this bed? Yes, she was annoyed it was being washed and she watched me vacuum and pick the remaining leaf crumbles off of it, until she was fed up and got in the bed, so apparently a few leaf crumbs do not bother her. Seriously, she loves this bed (Amazon – Best Friends by Sheri Ortho Comfort Deep Dish Cuddler).

Last night, I watched a beauty products video. The review was that a certain foundation would not sink into the cracks (wrinkles) on my face, which most of them you can only see with a magnifying mirror. I priced it at Nordstrom and Macy’s looking to see which store gave me more free stuff with my order.

I started crafting on my dining room table. I had a fizzy bomb product that I wanted to put in these awesome embossed glassine bags, I saw on Etsy. If I bought them I would have to increase the price of my product to pay for the bags. I wanted them so much that I searched and searched and watched a million You Tube videos until I figured out how they were made. I needed a die cutting machine and an embossing folder. It was so cool, I made those bags but I paid $60.00 for the machine and the 2 embossing folders. I wondered what else that machine could do, cause that was kind of expensive. This is how the rabbit hole got started. I know it makes no sense that I ended up spending at least 5 times more than the bags cost. I don't regret not buying the bags because I discovered paper crafting.

In the first couple of months, I had a Sizzix machine, two regular 3-ring binders; one for stamps and one for dies and embossing folders and a cardboard box with paper and tools. That was my organization. After about 2 weeks I bought a cart to hold the tools, the paper was still in the cardboard box. 5 months later I had to buy a 4” binder for the stamps. There was no eating on the table. A year later I cleaned up the former “massage room” and turned it into a craft room and ditched the binders for bins.

What I learned about organizing that started with 2 notebooks and a cardboard box is: 1. this is the space and it can’t change without some major remodeling construction. 2. Organization is the key for me to being creative. It makes me crazy looking for something I know I already own. I have bought multiples of the same item because I didn’t remember I already had it. I have to be organized. 3. I would rather repurpose or buy inexpensive storage solutions and buy more craft supplies than pay for remodeling construction. 4. This is the space; it can’t hold more than it can hold. I don’t need to buy every new product. I came to this conclusion after I watched some videos of crafting spaces that would make a lifetime hoarder freak out. I don’t want to die by being smothered by crafting supplies. It is okay to store crafting supplies at the crafting store. I have limited myself to 2 bins for stamps, 1 bin for dies, and 1 bin for embossing folders. I cannot outgrow the bins.

I have stamps and dies that I haven’t even used yet. In 2018, I spent about $300 a month on craft supplies.

I have a lot of ink but I can honestly say I have used and enjoyed all of them. I have enough. I have enough. One more time – I have enough! My goal is to make 2019 a No Buy Year.

What this means is that I will not buy any new ink lines, dies, stamps, embossing folders, stencils, paint, or markers. I will not buy any new tools. I will create with what I have right now as of January 1, 2019. If I use something up and it is completely gone, I will replace that item which would only be adhesives, paper and envelopes.

I am a creative person, I can make art with what I have, I don’t need more supplies. My goal with the No Buy 2019 is that I will spend more time producing art and creating more. I will actually use and enjoy the stamps and dies I already have in my room. If I see something I can't live without, I will put it on my birthday wish list. I am excited about this, it will be a huge challenge.

The No Buy 2019 also translates to household items. No I will not buy a new coffee pot; I will only replace items that no longer work. Sorry Miss Finegan, you aren’t getting a new bed. Yes I did buy the foundation before the light bulb went on and had me reflecting on my spending habits. I wear makeup maybe 3-4 times a month. I wear it when I work at the Creative Co-op. I have 3 bottles of foundation in my drawer right now and the same old face. In 2019, I can purchase only what I use up. I don’t need “extra” bottles of body wash or lotion.

I used to go to Walgreens and spend 30 minutes in the body wash or shampoo aisle and purchase a few bottles because I didn’t want to have to go back. That never worked, I still went back. In 2019, I will only go when I am out of a product and buy only the replacement. That means I will use up the spares I have under the sink before I go to purchase the replacement. I might not have to visit Walgreens in 2019.

The No Buy 2019 means clothes. In November, I went to visit Unit 3 and bought 2 new coats. Not 1 but 2. Yes they are stylish and super cute. Let me justify this; I did donate 4 coats that the 2 replaced, I had 4 coats that I wasn’t wearing and hadn’t worn that weren’t stylish or super cute. I didn’t need a new coat let alone 2 new coats. I do wear one of them daily, the other I am saving. Yes saving, for the zombie apocalypse, or a date, whichever comes first.

A couple of years ago my sisters came and helped me declutter my closet. I currently have 33 pairs of jeans in various sizes. Apparently they didn’t make a dent in the amount of jeans or maybe they thought to save that battle for another day, they already won the war since I did donate several construction sized trash bags of other clothes. I am hoping they will come and do to it again. Sometimes you really need your sisters to tell you something is awful.

The No Buy isn’t for adventures or activities. I will wear the coat I am saving when I go to the movies, concerts, restaurants, travel and other entertainment with friends and family. It means that when I am at the Scottish Fair I won’t be buying a sweater, unless I wear one out.

I believe I will have a successful No Buy 2019 because I have removed any justification for a purchase. The only thing that can be bought is replacements for used up items or worn out items. I haven’t worn out any clothing since I was a child, so that isn’t going to happen. I heard or read that will power is not infinite; you wake up with an allotted amount. I will use my daily will power to No Buy in 2019. The goal is to change my buying habits and to change the perception of what I need in my life. Cause really I don't need more things.

Let me know below if you would like a monthly tally of how I am doing and if you need any jeans.

The bag that started it all