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Treasured Keepsakes

I don't know if people realize how important it is to send a card or letter in the mail. I am guilty of not doing it often enough. One of the coolest things I have watched on You Tube is The Greeting Card Project. Jeremy made a New Years resolution in 2017 to send greeting cards every week in order to try and feel closer to his friends and loved ones. He did it faithfully and for 52 weeks he reported on the experience and reaction from the people that received the cards.My own Dad did something similar. I found a box of letters after both my parents had passed. My Dad enlisted in the Merchant Marines in 1943 when he was 21 years old. He wrote his parents weekly until he came home in 1946. Re-reading them I can picture my Dad, which is a blessing as he has been gone since 1994. Unit 5, my younger brother's daughter moved out of state for her employer. Needless to say she was home sick. My brother sent her a card every week for the 1st year (those were some of my best work). She has kept them and she is now expecting her first child (its a girl). Many years from now, maybe that child will come across a box of letters and her and her Mom will share the memories of that first year of independence and perseverance. A handwritten note is special. Someone took a moment to reach out and connect in a way that is timeless. I have letters and cards from years gone by and from people who are no longer here. I am sure I am not alone and you too have love letters tied with ribbons, Birthday cards from beloved parents and grandparents.  These are treasured keepsakes. It is up to each of us to keep this lovely sentimental practice active. Celebrate the joy of keeping in touch, forging new connections or start mending a relationship by sending a card.  After all a card is a hug in an envelope.
My Dad 1943

One of many letters