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Let's Talk

Finnegan and I were having a great conversation yesterday...or not. When you live with someone you can run out of things to say. I googled conversation starters and found this site with 250 Quality Conversation Starters. Here is a sample of Finnegan's answers:

What makes you nervous? - Neato Robotic Vacuum, does it really need to run everyday?

If you could bring back one TV show that was cancelled, which one would you bring back? - Lassie, the way she emoted for Timmy is priceless.

What is the most embarrassing piece of clothing you own? - Every outfit you have ever bought me.

Who is your favorite person besides me? - Bob, the Schwans' man.

Do you like horror movies? - I like that you cuddle really well when one is on.

What is your favorite game? - Fetch

The best conversation starters is conversation hearts. Sweethearts have been in production since 1847. This is the tried and true way to start a conversation especially on Valentines Day, I challenge you to get some and use them in a sentence. Here is what I said to Finnegan:

Me & You should go for a walk.

You always love me unconditionally, this is True Love.

Your dance moves leave me speechless, You Rock!

Wow I was sweating last night, you are really Hot Stuff.

Here is a hug to get the conversation started.

Happy Valentines Day

My Valentine.

Finnegan wishing you a Happy Day!