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Holiday Home Tour and Dial-a-Sibling

Once upon a time, before google, when facts were questioned between two people, they dialed a sibling to settle the dispute. For example, if Unit 4 (that is me) and Unit 5 have a question on who sang a particular song they called Unit 6. Unit 6 is questioned in an anonymous manner which leaves the both parties (Unit 4 & Unit 5) satisfied.

During Thanksgiving dinner Unit 4 (me) asks Unit 5 if he remembers the name of the guy in the car that helped save our lives (see previous blog post "Thankful"). This question is a query to see if the Units at the table are reading this blog and to find out the name of the hero. Much to my surprise the event was remembered differently and all but Unit 1 had read the blog.

Unit 1 and Unit 2 were not in the car.

Unit 3 - Dad said "Kate we have no brakes", Mom started yelling Rocky, Rocky. None of us kids say a word. The car was rolling and he was pumping the brakes. The car was rolling slowly and he got out and was holding the car frame and the steering wheel and he told us to get out of the car. Unit 3 did not remember the other guy.

Unit 5 - Dad said "Kate we have no brakes" and Mom started yelling "Rocky, Rocky stop the car" and the brakes finally caught. Unit 5 did not remember the other guy. Unit 5 also stated the back window in the station wagon was down and he was planning on how he was going to escape.

Unit 6 - Remembers a mint green station wagon. Mom screaming, "we're gonna die, we're gonna die". Dad jumped out of the slowly rolling car and pushed a rock from the road under the wheel of the car and the car stopped. None of us kids said a word.

Unit 4 (me) isn't swayed by the other 3 units memories and believes her version is true as none of the others remembered riding home in a camper loaned to us by the guy in the car.

With Thanksgiving complete, Christmas is right around the corner. Unit 6 gave my Dad crazy outfits for Christmas. Normally my Dad wore flannel shirts and cowboy boots. The most memorable outfit for me was when Lycra was invented and runners wore slick, colorful leggings. My Dad came out twirling like a ballerina in the bright runners wear. Over the weekend, Unit 3 and I gave Unit 3-A an outfit complete with a singing hat and the mission to carry on the tradition. Unit 3-A did an excellent job for his 3 little units. There is nothing like the laughter of small children to make me happy. I can't wait to see what Unit 3-A comes up with in the years to follow.

Jingles the Elf

We all helped decorate when I was growing up. The ornaments we made in school taking up prime real estate on the tree. Our family tradition was to open presents on Christmas Eve. My mom was usually frazzled in the kitchen but once dinner was over the fun began. After my Dad passed, and then Unit 2, and my Mom, I just didn't feel the holiday spirit. If you have lost someone, please know that grieving takes as long as it takes, even 20 years or more. The pain of loss never goes away.

This week for the first time since 2007, I decorated for Christmas. For me, this year feels different and I am embracing the joy and anticipation of the holidays. I hope you enjoy the video of my Holiday Home Tour and this little hug to inspire you to find joy this season.