Little Books


My brain is so full of information, sometimes things just slip away.  I don't mean to forget a birthday it just happens.  Don't get me going on how many times a month I have had to reset my password for a website.  It also makes me crazy trying find the phone number for an internet outage and then the voice on the machine tells me to go to a website. Duh!  Now I have all the information when someone does answer the phone for my account.  Or I lost my credit card, now I have the phone number from the back of the card to report it.  Little Books are handmade and were born from information overload. 

The Little Book of Dates - $18.75

IMG_1967 (2).JPG

At the beginning of each month I look through my Little Book of Dates for the current month and the next month.  Just to be prepared if someone has a birthday in the first week of the next month. Each person has a page with their information (10 pages per month).  It lists some of their favorites and their hobbies.  This helps me to get their card/gift in the mail on time. The "list" tab tracks addresses for invitations, announcements, or Christmas cards. 

The Little Book of Top Secrets - $18.75

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Under each alpha tab is a place for the website information and all the jazz they ask when you set-up an account.  There are several special pages for you to record other information like your modem/broadband, software purchases and renewals.  There is a page for your internet provider which includes all the information you need to call and report an outage.  As well as the information for credit cards.