Unique Candle Cards

Send a unique candle in a card.  The hand painted candle is wrapped in a card for personal message.  Flaytz candles are  hand painted, have no scent and do not drip wax.  They evaporate as they burn, smokeless with a 3-4 hour burn time.  Twin wicks ensure candle burns evenly and it self-extinguishes as it nears the base.  Created with natural paraffin, organic cotton wicks, and certified paints. Includes card, candle, padded envelope for mailing and candle stand.  Dimensions: 2.4" x 0.4" x 5.9"  Weight: 0.22 lb. 

On Sale $10.00

The hand painted art is visible as the candle burns down. 

The interior of the card is blank for your personal note.

Perfect for scent sensitive people.

Fours styles available:  Hearts, Sailboat, Cherry Blossoms, Wine and Roses.

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